Recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus pseudotyped with Marburg GP (RAVN)
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Catalog Number: F300-009 

Lot Number: 43106 

Product Type: Virus 

Serotype: VSV Indiana / Marburg RAVN Strain 

Other names: Marburg, MARV-VSV, RAVV Biosafety 

Level: BSL2 

Applications: Screening antibodies or drugs for anti-MARV-VSV neutralization activity, monitoring MARV -VSV entry into target cells, ELISA. 

Store: -80C. Multiple freeze thaw cycles will reduce titer. 

Shipped: Dry Ice 

Size: A single vial can be used for 96 reactions. Please contact services@eliteimmune.com for protocol. 

Intended Use: for research use only. Not intended for human, therapeutic, or diagnostic use. Buyer may not modify, sells, or transfer product for commercial use without written permission from Eliteimmune. 

References: Howell, K.A., et al., Cooperativity Enables Non-Neutralizing Antibodies to Neutralize Ebolavirus. Cell Reports, 2017. 19(2): p. 413-424. Whitt, M.A., Generation of VSV pseudotypes using recombinant DeltaGVSV for studies on virus entry, identification of entry inhibitors, and immune responses to vaccines. J. Virol. Methods, 2010. 169(2): p. 365-74.

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