Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is highly contagious negative sense single-stranded RNA virus that infects the respiratory tract. RSV is the most common cause of respiratory-related infant hospitalizations. RSV is divided into two anti-genic subtypes A and B. While both subtypes circulate simultaneously, subtype A tends to be more prevalent and is thought to be more virulent. RSV contains 3 proteins on the virion’s surface, Glycoprotein (G), Fusion protein( F) and a small hydrophobic protein (SH). G protein mediates viral attachment to the host cells, while F is responsible for fusion and entry into the cells. G and F are the two major surface proteins and primary targets for neutralization antibodies during infection. The G protein is more variable among strains, while the F protein is highly conserved. The F protein exists in a pre-fusion (PreF) and post-fusion (PostF) confirmations. And contains the major antigenic site phi Φ which is lost when preF undergoes rearrangement after binding to target cells. There is currently no FDA approved licensed vaccine for the prevention of RSV, and the current method of treatment is passive immunization by monocloncal antibodies

To support ongoing research efforts in the RSV field, we offer a variety of RSV reagents and custom services. For in-vitro assays we offer RSV A2 strain PreF protein, and for investigating the potency of anti-viral molecules, we offer plaque reduction neutralization assays (PRNT) and microneutralization assay for RSV subtype A strains (A2 and Long) and subtype B (9320, WV-14617-85, and 18357). Contact us at today for a custom quote.

RSV Pre F protein for A2, Long, WV-14617-85, 9320 and 18537 coming soon!
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